SLUMBER (Capsules)

Calm your active mind before sleep
  • Wake up refreshed and energetic
  • Relax your mind and body
  • Ensure quality, restorative sleep every night
  • Prime your body and mind for rejuvenating rest
  • For acute insomniacs with active minds

Each Bottle Contains 60 Capsules

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If you want to stay on top and always be performing at your best then you need the correct support, not only when you’re awake and active, but also when you’re sleeping. SLUMBER Nootropics for sleep will give even your sleep cycle the edge you need to stay ahead of the game.

This unique product was designed with a single goal in mind: to ease your mental activity and slow brain waves, shifting them from the active, analytical Beta state to the relaxed and calm Alpha and Delta states, thereby inducing a deeper sense of calm and improving relaxation, allowing you to sleep better.

Principle Ingredients

Sleep quality and Rejuvenation Blend

Stress and Anxiety Management Blend

Mood and Relaxation Blend

  • L-Tryptophan
  • Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna)

Improves Overall Absorption

  • BioPerine® (Piperine) 95%

Brain Support Blend

How to use

Recommended use
  • Take 2 – 3 everyday before going to bed.

Works best when taken within the hour before going to bed. Take 2 – 3 everyday for best results.


Your brain has been serving you all day. And now it’s time to rest. If only you could switch off and relax.
A nightly routine that includes SLUMBER will support your efforts to switch off before sleep so that you can maximise the zzZ’s and wake up refreshed.

Are You Ready?

Wake up Refreshed

After a good night’s sleep with no sleep aid ‘hangover’ 18&19

Be Ready for Sleep

With stress and anxiety support from Ashwagandha 20

Restful Sleep

With a calm mind before bedtime 17&19

1 review for SLUMBER (Capsules)

  1. anton.coetzee (verified owner)

    I have just ordered my 2nd bottle of Slumber. Been struggling with Insomnia for years, by far the best product I have ever used.

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Tame your active mind


17. Lemon Balm

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The results showed that the 600-mg dose of Melissa ameliorated the negative mood effects of the DISS, with significantly increased self-ratings of calmness and reduced self-ratings of alertness. In addition, a significant increase in the speed of mathematical processing, with no reduction in accuracy, was observed after ingestion of the 300-mg dose.

18. Passion Flower

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Sleep efficiency and wake after sleep onset (WASO) significantly improved after 2 weeks in the Passionflower group but there was no difference compared with the placebo group. The current study demonstrated the positive effects of Passionflower on objective sleep parameters including TST on polysomnography in adults with insomnia disorder.

19. Valerian

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Valerian may be a more attractive option than other sleeping agents because of the lack of hangover effect. Of the six studies that reported a measure of morning feeling, all reported no difference between valerian and placebo.

20. Ashwagandha

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WS root and leaf extracts exhibited noteworthy anti-stress and anti-anxiety activity in animal and human studies. WS also improved symptoms of depression and insomnia, though fewer studies investigated these applications.