Who We Are

The wide range of brain health supplements (nootropics) can be overwhelming.. There are so many options and combinations and who knows if it is all safe and good for you?
And BTW, what are nootropics anyway?

Neurologica aims to make nootropics simple to use and easy to understand. Safety is the priority. If we wouldn’t take it ourselves, we would not give it to anyone else.
Our in-house pharmacists and scientists have spent years studying the interactions between different ingredients and between ingredients in the body to design the ultimate stack for each individual need.

Our brain is the most complex manifestation of intelligence that we know of. Your brain is busy transmitting 1000 nerve impulses every second. The onboard computer on the Apollo 11 moon rocket had 2048 words of memory. In 2020, 42 million WhatsApp messages were sent in one minute. Times have definitely changed and our brains sometimes struggle to maintain the pace we are subjected to every day.

At Neurologica, we recognize that each person is different. Our brains respond to data overload and high stress in different ways. That is why we have created a Neurologica variant to suit your individual needs. You can even combine them if you need an extra boost.

Nootropic Definition

You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals

our principles

Scientific Research

Our focus is on pioneering formulations that create synergy in the brain and produce effects far better than could be achieved with single ingredients.

This requires a complex understanding of how human physiology and pharmacology work, which is at the heart of what we are pioneering.


NEUROLOGICA is a nootropic supplement formulated with a targeted Vitamin B complex to ensure that the brain has sufficient support for the heavy lifting it does in the modern digital era. 

Vitamin D, Zinc and Selenium are added to support immunity and general health.

Safety First

Our formulations have been designed by medically-accredited pharmacists and pharmacologists. Only safe ingredients that are backed by research are used. Our products are produced in a pharmaceutical facility that is
accredited and audited by the South African Pharmacy Council.


At NEUROLOGICA we are committed to being plastic free. Our bottles are made of aluminium, which is robust and light-weight.
We do not use plastic fillers when shipping and use unprinted carton as protection. Our products are made locally, by knowledgeable experts in the pharmaceutical industry.


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