Neurologica specialises in bringing innovative nootropic combinations and functional brain health supplements directly to the consumer. Our aim is to empower consumers and enhance their overall performance by giving them the freedom to choose high-quality alternatives, purposefully designed by professionals, as opposed to average mainstream alternatives.

Founded by registered professionals (pharmacologists and scientists), Neurologica’s range of fit-for-purpose nootropic products are artisanally crafted and designed to give consumers the cutting edge when they need to master themselves- both physically and mentally.

Brainpower isn’t just about enhancing the ability to focus or on getting things done; imagination and creativity are the ultimate wins. When we refer to mastering your mind, we’re referring to the ability to think inside AND out of the box, applying both logic and creativity in harmony.

Neurologica is there to support you on this journey.
From the very beginning, we identified key guiding principles that were not only non-negotiable, but principles we hope will change the industry standards and principles that consumers should demand from their brand. These principles are entrenched in our brand and in our business, and we use them to guide us in the creation of Neurologica’s range – current and future. These are:
As professionals, we continue to live the values instilled by our “oath taking ceremonies”, whilst we constantly ask ourselves whether we trust our products enough to use them on ourselves, our families and our customers. It’s for this reason that our products are developed in some of South Africa’s best manufacturing facilities, which boast the highest quality credentials. These facilities are responsible for sourcing high quality ingredients, and operate using pharmaceutical cGMP practises. Since they are located right here in South Africa, where Neurologica is based, we’ve ensured that we are able to foster a close relationship with these manufacturing plants, bringing us peace of mind and ensuring only the very best for our customers. You can read more about our approach to quality in our resource on Science.
We believe that every person should have access to these revolutionary products. This is why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that they are easy to purchase, convenient to carry around, and have been designed with real life in mind. These values are reflected in the ease and convenience of online shopping, and fast delivery directly to your doorstep. We’ve selected packaging that is robust enough for you to keep on you, and to use when – and where – you need it, but most importantly is plastic free. We’ve also designed our range of products to complement your lifestyle, we have carefully thought about your early morning coffee indulgence, for example; and designed the products to work with you and FOR you! We’ve also taken the difficulty out of choosing the perfect product for you through the use of our user-friendly interactive tool.
There are many current advances in the world of neuroscience, and gone are the days of quick, pick-me-up stimulants. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choice of brain health products on offer – what really works, and which one is right for you? At Neurologica, it’s our mission to stay ahead of the pack by keeping abreast of the latest innovations, ensuring we make them available to our customers in a responsible and convenient way.
The beautiful complexity of our brains means that there are a variety of ways to improve mental performance – and we believe that a simple, one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the way to do this. Instead, we aim to design neurological products with a specific effect in mind, and based on an individuals’ specific requirements. This is an art and a science that we pride ourselves in. You can take our quiz to find out more about which product would best suit your lifestyle and needs.