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Just as modern medicine has brought us pain-killers, multivitamin supplements, and fluoride toothpaste, scientists have been working on the development of substances that enhance our most precious asset – our brain. These substances are referred to as nootropics.

The term ‘nootropic’ comes from the Greek for ‘to bend or shape the mind’, and it refers to substances and compounds that can improve your memory, increase your levels of concentration, and boost productivity and focus. Nootropics can also help reduce stress, aid relaxation, and improve sleep, and they are known for their neuroprotective (or preventative) benefits.

It’s vital that proper research is conducted in order to better understand nootropics and their effects, and standardising is essential. As such, the modern definition of nootropics was developed in the 1960s and it states that in order to be classified as a nootropic, a substance or compound must:

  • Enhance memory and the ability to learn
  • Assist brain function under disruptive conditions, such as lack of oxygen and shock
  • Protect the brain from chemical and physical toxins
  • Increase natural cognitive processes, and
  • Be non-addictive and non-toxic to humans.

Our most widely used nootropic is caffeine found in coffee. Other commonly used nootropics include ginseng, vitamin B supplements, and Rhodiola Rosea. Synthetic options which comply with the criteria above are phenylpiracetam and noopept.

Although there’s been a surge in interest surrounding nootropics in recent years, nootropics are nothing new. In fact, humans have relied on the use of herbal remedies and natural nootropics for millennia. If you enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning, you’ve benefited from the use of a nootropic compound. As substances that improve our brain function, they help us to wake up (as is the case with coffee), sleep better (think camomile tea), and concentrate for longer.

Nootropic substances can be natural or synthetic (or a combination of both), with each type having its own benefits. In the USA, nootropics are often referred to as ‘smart drugs’. At Neurologica we don’t include prescription medications, such as Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin under our definition of nootropics.

We’re all familiar with the overwhelm that comes along with standing in front of shelves full of brain health and energy products. Everything looks the same, but different. Although individual prices seem affordable at first glance, the fact that you’re required to take a combination of compounds for best effect means that you end up committing to anything between 5 to 10 different capsules on a daily basis. This is where Neurologica comes in.

Neurologica has merged thorough research and pharmacology practises to combine optimal ingredients and ensure the ideal dosages for each to support your specific needs, whether you want to increase clarity of thinking, improve your sleep, or enhance creativity. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right nootropics, so that all of the research on which ingredients to take, how often, and when has already been done for you. When you choose Neurologica, you can rest easy knowing that you’re benefiting from the highest quality, pharmaceutically-designed product. True to our robust design philosophy, we’ve even gone as far as adding daily vitamins, essential minerals, and co-enzymes into the mix, for your convenience!

By definition, in order to be considered a nootropic, a compound must have very few side-effects and it must be considered beneficial for overall brain function.
Here at Neurologica, we ensure that all our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, that they conform with international quality standards, and that they’ve all been HPLC lab tested for purity. All our products are produced in plants that conform to international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

With this in mind, it is still advised that you consult a medical professional or your GP before taking anything new.

Neurologica should not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This is largely dependent on the nature of your prescription medication, so please consult your doctor first. There are no inherent contra-indications when using Neurologica, and the list of ingredients used in our products are freely available. You can also contact us at pharmacist@neurologica.co.za for more information, which you can further discuss with your doctor.

You can shop Neurologica online via our website. We offer free delivery within all main centres, and charge a minimal delivery fee for outlying areas.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, you can contact our pharmacist by sending an email to pharmacist@neurologica.co.za.

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We can provide international shipping based on an individual quote. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll request a quotation for delivery in your country and will be in touch with you via email with further details.

You can contact customer support on info@neurologica.co.za to facilitate a pick up via our courier company. Upon return of the items, we’ll perform a product inspection. If deemed fit for replacement, we will replace and return the product free of shipping charges, based on the following conditions:

  • The product is in its original packaging
  • The product has no significant consumption (if the complaint is based on the product)
  • The tamper seal is not broken (if the complaint is based on packaging)
  • The product has not expired and/or wasn’t damaged post delivery
  • Wrong product delivered versus order
  • Original invoice to be presented when returning defective/damaged items
  • All returned items shall be subject to quality control and assessment to confirm its condition.

Rain Scientific and Neurologica will not be held liable for the loss of goods upon delivery, and will not replace goods if the item was accepted by a third party at the provided delivery address.


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