IGNITE (Capsules)

Mental energy to keep you sharp.
Physical energy to keep you going.


  • Stay alert, awake and energised
  • Crash-free, jitter-free
  • Quick onset and long-lasting
  • Heightened attention and focus

Each Bottle Contains 40 Capsules

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This Mental Booster will not only help keep you more alert but also support your endurance to stay focused. IGNITE’s quick release will support a fast mental energy onset.

Coffee bean extract, guarana seed extract and panax ginseng are professionally blended with L-theanine to kickstart your day, without the caffeine crash. IGNITE Nootropics for mental energy does not contain dirty, high-end stimulants, just jitter-free energy. Neurologica IGNITE is the only nootropic energy formulation that combines Rhodiola, Shilajit and Co-Enzyme Q10 at optimum dosages to create balance and synergy between the ingredients.

This secret blend supports the powerhouse of the cells, the mitochondria, in creating and releasing true energy as ATP, giving you all-day energy.


Principle Ingredients

Quick Acting Energy Complex

Sustained Energy Complex

Stack Support Blend

Brain Support and daily Vitamins Blend

How to use

Recommended use
  • Take 2 capsules in the morning with meals, when needed.

It is recommended to take a maximum of 2 doses per day and to allow 6 hours between doses. For best results, we recommend cycling this product by using it for 5 days of solid productivity and taking a well-deserved break on weekends.


Ignite contains only natural caffeine sources. It features ingredients that actively complement caffeine. Improving the effect and preventing any mid-morning crashes.
Take 2 capsules with your morning coffee for a smoother boost. And power up for the day with clean, jitter-free mental energy.

Are You Ready?

Enjoy energy that lasts

While the quick-energy ingredients in IGNITE are working, the ingredients from the Sustained Energy Complex help your body’s cells release and create more energy.

Experience Better Endurance

Natural caffeine from Green Coffee Bean and Guarana helps athletes train longer and experience better power output. Plus study show there are additional post-exercise recovery benefits. 1″

Feel Alert

L-Theanine is the ultimate compliment to caffeine. When L-Theanine and caffeine are combined, there is a significant improvement in alertness and performance on tasks that need attention. 4&5

3 reviews for IGNITE (Capsules)

  1. Dirk van den Berg (verified owner)

    I have been using nootropics for a good few years to help with my brain-fog, before trying Neurologica. I have purchased all the products within the range. Neurologica’s entire product range impressed me, and provided me with sustained mental energy and focus without the peaks and troughs of some other products I have used in the past.

    I further found it invaluable while completing my MBA, specifically in the run-up to deadlines.

    Every order thus far has been effortless, and I was kept up to date on the progress of the order at all times.

    I have recommended the products to my family and friends, and encourage potential customers to test it for themselves.

  2. David Fick (verified owner)

    I have been using the Ignite & Activate Nootropics and have loved the overall results. The Ignite helps me with a heavy running schedule and workload by giving me a sustainable amount of energy throughout the day. The ingredients like Coffee Bean extracts, Guarana seed extract & Asian Ginseng helps contribute towards the rapid energy & alertness that is needed but all without a crash. I have found that what separates Neurologica from its competition is the addition of rhodiola and shilajith which is the key to the sustainability of the energy. I use the ignite capsules regularly for longer run days that require more effort. I would recommend the Neurologica Nootropics to anyone looking for an extra kick in both mind & body

  3. Julian Robberts (verified owner)

    I have combined Flow & Ignite on a daily basis (Ignite only during the week) to assist with my mental exhaustion. This stuff works wonders! My attention span is through the roof, my reaction times with whatever happens are greatly improved, and I feel like the world is my oyster!

    Not sure if this is the Flow, or Ignite – but it has also assisted me for training purposes – I have a lot more endurance, and willpower to push myself that little bit extra!

    Thank you for these great products!

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Acts fast, lasts long



Each person is unique, with their own individual strengths and circumstances. Neurologica was designed with this in mind. Each product is tailored to help you achieve everything that you know you are capable of.


The answer is YES!

The most effective combination is to take FLOW daily, early morning every day.

If you are feeling tired and have low energy, ignite your brain energy with 2 capsules of IGNITE when you start your work.


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L-theanine and caffeine combined were found to particularly improve performance in attention-switching tasks and alertness, but to a lesser extent than caffeine alone. These studies provided reliable evidence showing that L-theanine and caffeine have clear beneficial effects on sustained attention, memory, and suppression of distraction. Moreover, L-theanine was found to lead to relaxation by reducing caffeine-induced arousal.

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