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Distractions 03In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of distraction and consumerism. From constant notifications to an endless stream of advertisements, we are bombarded with distractions and temptations that steal our focus and mental capacity.

While all of this is happening, our goals get abandoned and important projects remain incomplete. How do we stop this unproductive cycle?

Enter monk mode — a period where you commit yourself to completing a goal without any distractions.
In monk mode, you commit to adopt the isolation and self- discipline practices of a monk for a certain period of time. There’s a reason monks choose to live in seclusion and silence: It’s the best way to focus on your inner thoughts and achieve a state of mindfulness.

When expanded to a way of life, Monk Mode is a minimalist lifestyle that involves reducing distractions, decluttering your environment, and focusing on what truly matters. The idea behind Monk Mode is to simplify your life and remove anything that doesn’t serve you, so you can live a more intentional and fulfilling life.

Structure of Monk Mode

The core structure of monk mode is based on three I’s:


As the name suggests, Introspection is to look inside yourself. It means looking inwards to examine your thoughts and emotions. As a result, you learn more about yourself and who you are. It helps you identify your weaknesses and accept them.


We can only truly focus when there are no distractions stealing our attention. Give yourself some space and freedom to acknowledge your desires, weaknesses and goals. Separate yourself from all the other demands for your attention.


This means formulating a plan of action to tackle what needs to be done.

Monk Mode isolation

Getting Started

1. Pick your goal and monk-mode time

Monk mode is a time of extreme focus.
Choose a high-ticket productivity goal that can only be achieved without distraction. This could be writing a report, sending in 300 job applications, hitting a sales target, starting a new business, or studying for an exam.

Do not multitask, instead, focus on a specific goal.

Depending on the size of your goal, select a time period that you will need to get it done. Writing a book might take a whole month of Monk Mode, but a monthly report would take an afternoon.

2. Create a system for tracking your progress

A physical tracker will help show your mind and body that what you are doing is working. You can also measure your progress using a notes app, Google spreadsheet, or a whiteboard.

Keep track of your progress for the duration of the session, for example, how many applications you put in, how many blog posts you’ve published, and so on. This will maintain your focus for longer and boost your confidence that you are making good progress.

3. Discipline yourself

Monk mode is not easy.
You have to choose to discipline yourself so you do not waver. Some habits are tough to break, but you have to commit to the task ahead for progress to be made.

Common habits to cut off to achieve monk-like zen are:

  • Social media & mobile devices
  • All notifications
  • Gaming
  • Watching television and sport (sorry Netflix and Disney+)
  • Eating out
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Meetings

Since this practice is only temporary, get yourself mentally prepared to stay the course.

Ways to achieve Monk Mode

For inspiration, these are some examples that successful Monks-in-Training have applied to achieve zen-like Monk Mode:

Work on it 03

  • Stay at home for a fixed period of time (one day, one week, 10 days, up to you…). Have your groceries delivered and ask your friends and family to respect your choice to remain in isolation.
  • Once you have decided on your goal, work on it full-time during your isolation time. Work on it during lunch time. Early in the morning. Late at night. While you are eating. To be clear, work isn’t just a tangible output. It is also research, thinking time and idea generation.
  • Include a regular mediation practise to discipline your mind to focus easier
  • Supplement with brain-boosting nootropics. You can read more about Neurologica FLOW and ACTIVATE, the ultimate stacks for focus and concentration.
  • Cut out unhealthy foods, stop drinking alcohol and consume lots of water. If your body is healthy, your mind is happier.
  • Don’t short-cut on your exercise and sleep. For obvious reasons.

Monk mode is a valuable tool for those looking to improve their focus, productivity, and overall well-being. By eliminating distractions and focusing on a single task, one can tap into their true potential and achieve greater results. This lifestyle choice may not be suitable for everyone, and finding a balance between productivity and leisure is crucial. Overall, incorporating elements of monk mode into one’s routine can lead to a more mindful and fulfilling life.